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Zerona Body Sculpting
ZERO pain. ZERO surgery. ZERO downtime.

We are happy to announce that we are now offering

non-invasive body contouring with the Zerona Laser by


The first body contouring device to receive FDA market

clearance, this technology uses biostimulation to

shrink fat cells and reduce stubborn fat deposits.

Studies show that patients lose at least 3.72 in

all-around, and can lose up to 9 inches in just 6 weeks!

The Zerona Laser uses painless laser energy to

stimulate fat cells to empty their contents, allowing the

body to take up and clear that material. The result you

see is a loss of inches in those stubborn zones.


Sound too good to be true? Click here to learn even

more about the amazing science behind this treatment!

When you're done, be sure and give us a call to 

schedule your Zerona consultation. 850-878-5636

Image by Philipe Cavalcante

Still need more convincing? Check out these before and afters from actual Zerona clients!

At Infinity Health, we specifically use Erchonia brand Low Level Lasers. This company has taken the time and effort to develop their products in line with strict FDA guidelines. Of the 18 clearances for the use of Low Level Lasers, Erchonia has 16. We have the utmost confidence in their products and are proud to offer therapy with instruments that we have seen prove themselves countless times over - both in the research, and in the clinic.

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