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Success Stories

Success Stories

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By All Means, Do It!

Before beginning my treatment on the decompression unit, I was unable to walk normally. I was not able to bend at the waist, turn my head, or lift my legs more than a few inches off the ground without severe pain. The only position that provided relief was lying down. Bed rest for a stay-at-home mom with two small children is impossible. I tried over-the-counter medication and prescription pain meds. After consulting with Dr. Moleski, I was shocked to discover I had two bulging discs!

The news was scary, but hope emerged from Dr. Moleski and the treatment. I knew that if I had gone to another physician, they would have recommended surgery. After the treatments, I feel almost as good as before. The difference is night and day! If you are eligible for the treatment, by all means do it! It's worth it!

Cathie H.

Do Not Miss This Opportunity!

I began working for Dr. Moleski in February 2006. I quickly became very familiar with Spinal Decompression. I began to meet patients who were being decompressed and shared in the success that they were having with each treatment. I too have had back pain for about 14 years. The pain was inconsistent and very moderate. In March, I rolled over in bed and something awful happened to my back. I immediately got out of bed and my leg was causing me agonizing pain.

I consulted with Dr. Moleski concerning the pain I was enduring. I had three bulging discs (L3, L4, and L5) that were pressing down on the nerve roots to my right leg. Once Dr. Moleski reviewed the MRI results, he felt that the best treatment would be Cold Laser Decompression.

Once treatment began, I felt immediate results. Soon, the leg pain was gone. Completely gone! I am so glad that I had the Spinal Decompression Procedure. My back and leg have never felt better!

Edye C.

Don't Give It a Second Thought

My mother referred me to Dr. Moleski. So I attended his peripheral neuropathy workshop and what he had to say just rang true in my head. I knew right then that he knew how to help me. I have peripheral neuropathy, severe back pain, and weight issues just to name a few things. The list goes on! I knew that I would be a challenge to Dr. Moleski, because I have a very sensitive system making me overreact to most anything. I have suffered for years.


I received a thorough consultation, neurological examination, metabolic evaluation, and lab studies. The doctor took his time to look my case over very closely. I really appreciated that.


He had to make tough recommendations with me, but I hung in there with their help. Dr. Moleski and Edye are great! They are so helpful and supportive…a real boost just to go in for an appointment. I really look forward to my visits.


Since I began care, I have lost weight, have needed less sick time off from work, and my pains are lessening day by day. It is so nice to actually be able to go shopping and really enjoy it! The simple things in life that most people take for granted, are truly appreciated when they are stolen from you by pain and sickness.


I am getting my life back!


If you are unsure about beginning care here, don’t give it a second thought. Your quality of life will be better under Dr. Moleski’s care.


I wholeheartedly recommend the care here.

Donna O.

Don't Give up Hope

I was suffering from severe pain radiating down my left leg. Each time I coughed or sneezed, I felt pain in my low back. Walking and standing up straight was almost impossible. I could not even lie in bed! My wife was awoken each night as I attempted to sleep in the bed.

I tried to take Aleve, Tylenol, and Darvocet to help with the pain. However, the medicines did not help to ease the pain. Nothing helped! As a last resort, I decided to undergo the Spinal Decompression procedure.

After a few treatments, my low back pain ceased. I did not feel any relief in my left leg until about the twentieth visit. After a full forty treatments, I am now pain free! Life is beginning to get back to normal now! I am able to walk for exercise, work around the house and garden, play with the dog, and work for a full eight hours and not experience pain. My advice to someone with a similar problem would be to not expect overnight results. Don't give up! Stay with the program!...

Michael M.

Don't Hesitate!

Before treatment in Dr. Moleski's office, I had constant lower back pain. The only time I was pain-free was while sleeping. During the last five years, I have been under care in Boston and here in Tallahassee. I have undergone back surgery and several years of physical, massage, and occupational therapy. After all the previous therapies, I still had back pain. Nothing would relieve my pain! Doctors even prescribed pain pills to give me relief. I refused to take medications!

After spinal decompression treatments, my back condition has improved. I have very little to no pain! I perform the prescribed exercises daily. I apply ice daily. If I am performing light household duties or traveling in the car, I wear my disc distractor belt for more support. I am very motivated to remain pain-free.

Since pain is no longer distracting me from work, my work performance has improved. I am able to do many more light duties around the house. I can work on projects, with some assistance; such as building a log cabin and yard work. I advise anyone with back pain not to hesitate! Give Dr. Moleski and his staff a chance! I am very pleased with the care I received.


It was a blessed day when I began my treatments with Dr. Moleski!!

George R.

Happy, Relaxed, and Pain-Free!

Before beginning treatment at Dr. Moleski's office, I was in constant pain. I was grumpy and irritable. It took a lot of energy to even try to have a social life. Medication did not help to alleviate the pain. I had given up and prepared to spend the rest of my life with severe back pain.

The day I began treatment, I felt instant relief! It was amazing! Almost as though a miracle had occurred! Today, I am happy, relaxed and pain-free! I am eager to enjoy life. I sleep much better and have more energy. I feel more like socializing.

In short, my life has greatly improved since the pain went away. My advice to you is to let Dr. Moleski review your situation. If he recommends the treatment to you, do it! I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Moleski and his staff! They are very warm and caring and excellent at what they do! My only regret: I wish I had seen Dr. Moleski sooner!

George B.

I Began to Feel Alive Again...

Twenty years ago I injured my back and herniated two discs while severely straining nearly all of the muscles on the right side of my back.  I have lived in pain ever since. 


After numerous doctor visits, including two different chiropractic doctors, hospitalizations, examinations, consultations, and therapies, I was relegated to deal with the pain daily and take medications to mask the pain for the rest of my life.  This continued on for years. 


I began to feel as though all my strength was leaving and my body was shutting down.  I began to think I was approaching a point in my life, still in my thirties mind you, that I may not live to see my forties, fifties, and so on. I had nearly constant migraine headaches.  I knew I couldn’t give up as I am so young, and have a wife and children who need me. 


I began thinking and searching for what else I could do when I spoke with a co-worker who had many good things to say about Dr. Moleski. I decided to give chiropractic another try and scheduled an appointment.  I quickly found Dr. Moleski and his staff very friendly and truly concerned.  After learning the history, checking the senses and x-rays, Dr. Moleski felt he could help even if he couldn’t reverse all the damage (after all, it took nearly 20 years to get that way.) 


I began making regular visits and after a few months, I felt renewed energy levels and less pain. 


I began to feel alive again."

Greg L.

I Can See Everything Clearly Now!

Before I started Spinal Decompression with Dr. Moleski, I was in pain every day, although some days were worse than others. It was very difficult to sit, and my hips would get very sore. Other days it was hard to stand, and I wouldn't be able to straighten up and stand straight.

Everyday I wondered if I was going to be able to get out of bed or how long I would last until my back would give out. I was taking Aleve every day, which helped to alleviate some of the pain but not all of it. I was also taking Naproxen, Vicodin, or Percocet when the pain was really bad, and even tried Celebrex and Mobic when the pain was at it's worst. Every day was a struggle.

After starting treatment with Dr. Moleski, my mental clarity is amazing! It is no longer difficult to find the right words to say and my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. It's as if a fog has left my brain and I can see everything clearly now! My pain has GREATLY decreased! It was a big decision to have Spinal Decompression done, but it was certainly well worth it.

I feel like a new person! Dr. Moleski and his staff are truly concerned about their patients. It was a long journey to find a doctor that would actually listen to my concerns and not just focus on one aspect of my condition. Dr. Moleski took the time to look at the big picture and saw me as a person who needed helping, not just a patient. You can tell that he is there to care for and help others, not just to get the job done - that's what sets him apart from other clinics and doctors. THANK YOU!!

Kate R.

I Couldn't Live the Life I Wanted to Be Living...

When I first came in to Dr. Moleski’s office, I was suffering from severe lower back pain, and I had disk issues.  The pain was so bad that I couldn’t play with my son or even pick him up.  I couldn’t live the life I wanted to be living.  I couldn’t play sports and had a very low quality of life.  

I had been to see other chiropractors, but the adjustments I got didn’t rid me of my pain.

Since starting Cold Laser Decompression treatments here, I have significantly less back pain! I have regained the ability and confidence to exercise and maintain my health.  This has changed my life in huge ways! I have improved productivity and enjoy a significantly improved quality of life!

To anyone trying to decide on care, I would say – don’t ask yourself if you can afford the treatment. Ask yourself if you can afford NOT to do the treatment and stay in pain.

When looking toward the future, I am ready to get back to “business” and continue to stay healthy through proper exercise.

Thank you, Dr. Moleski!

Alexander G.

I Thought I Was Done...

I was concerned about the fact that my back hurt me whenever I lifted or carried anything…even the smallest bag or my purse. Eventually, I was in extreme pain when standing, sitting, or lying down. I was unable to sleep at night as well. After begging for x-rays and then an MRI through my primary care doctor, I was given a steroid dose pack and pain pills.

Since starting Decompression, I have achieved so many results! My pain was immediately reduced and I was able to sleep through the night. I even went on a ten day excursion to Israel with no pain!! This treatment has changed my life…I feel as though I was given another chance in life. I realize that I don’t have to spend my life dependent on pain medicine!

Dr. Stephen Moleski’s office is the place to start your healing process. They treat you royally and with superior care!

When I look to my future, I am excited! I am walking every day and making more plans than ever to enjoy more trips with good friends and loved ones! God used these people in a big way! Thank you, Dr. Moleski and staff! <3

Linda S.

I Was Always in Pain!

Before I came to Dr. Moleski’s office, I had pain and stiffness in my back, pain in both of my knees, and I was way overweight.


I was always in pain. I was always concerned about pain. My bladder control was poor. I was tired. I could not work more than 4-6 hours a day and I had to turn down work.


What stood out to me about Dr. Moleski’s office was that everyone was friendly, godly, and concerned about patients—not money.


After receiving treatment, I am 100% better! I lost over 20 pounds. My joints no longer hurt. My bladder control is good. I work 8-12 hours a day and no longer turn down work. My future looks fantastic!


If you are trying to decide on care, I say come to this office.


Thank you, Dr. Moleski. You are my answer to prayer.

Karen L.

I Was Wrong!

Before I began spinal decompression therapy, I felt very skeptical. I had been previously advised by a neurosurgeon to have surgery on my low back. I decided against the surgery. I wondered how this type of treatment could be enough to correct my low back condition. I had a mental stigma against the chiropractic profession. I was coping with the pain to avoid surgery. I thought the only cure would be surgery - I was wrong!

Since my treatments, I am able to do things without pain. I have not felt this good in twenty years! I am very thankful for this opportunity! I would advise anyone with pain to keep an open mind. Trust in Dr. Moleski and his practice. Thank you, Doctor Moleski!

Don P.

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