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Patients Are Priority


Our favorite part of this practice is hearing the incredible stories of healing, and watching patients get their lives back right before our eyes.  Our patients are so eager to tell others about what they've experienced!

Here are just a few of the amazing success stories we've been privileged to be a part of:



*These are actual patient testimonials. We use their initials to respect patient confidentiality and privacy.*

Metabolic Stories

Metabolic Stories

Metabolic Stories
Myra - Peripheral Neuropathy, Weight Loss, Fatigue testimonial

Myra - Peripheral Neuropathy, Weight Loss, Fatigue testimonial

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Weight-Loss Resistance Testimonial

Weight-Loss Resistance Testimonial

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Cold Laser Decompression works!

Cold Laser Decompression works!

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Kate R.

"After starting treatment with Dr. Moleski, my mental clarity is amazing! It is no longer difficult to find the right words to say and my creativity has increased by leaps and bounds. It’s as if a fog has left my brain and I can see everything clearly now! My pain has GREATLY decreased! ...

I feel like a new person! Dr. Moleski and his staff are truly concerned about their patients. It was a long journey to find a doctor that would actually listen to my concerns and not just focus on one aspect of my condition. Dr. Moleski took the time to look at the big picture and saw me as a person who needed helping, not just a patient. You can tell that he is there to care for and help others, not just to get the job done – that’s what sets him apart from other clinics and doctors. THANK YOU!!"

Karen L

"Before I came to Dr. Moleski’s office, I had pain and stiffness in my back, pain in both of my knees, and I was way overweight.

I was always in pain. I was always concerned about pain. My bladder control was poor. I was tired. I could not work more than 4-6 hours a day and I had to turn down work.

What stood out to me about Dr. Moleski’s office was that everyone was friendly, godly, and concerned about patients—not money.


After receiving treatment, I am 100% better! I lost over 20 pounds. My joints no longer hurt. My bladder control is good. I work 8-12 hours a day and no longer turn down work. My future looks fantastic.

If you are trying to decide on care, I say come to this office.

Thank you, Dr. Moleski. You are my answer to prayer."

Frank V.

"Prior to seeking Dr. Moleski’s help, I was suffering from excruciating facial pain caused by a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia. In addition, I was experiencing severe spinal pain that made walking to mail box difficult. Unfortunately, the medication prescribed to treat my pain left me in a “zombie-like” condition that I could not tolerate. Consequently, in an attempt to numb my pain I began to “self-medicate” by drinking 80 proof whiskey. This helped to ease the pain somewhat, but, as you can imagine, created another set of problems.

I was increasingly frustrated by various medical professionals who could offer me nothing more than uncertain spinal surgery and a lifetime of medication. Neither of these options was acceptable to me and I believed them to be of more serious consequences than what I was already experiencing. I felt hopeless at the limited medical treatments available and there seemed to be no practical way that my health could ever improve. Thankfully, Dr. Moleski proved that both of these arbitrary diagnoses were incorrect and premature.

My overall condition the first time that I walked into Dr. Moleski’s office could be described as one of growing alcohol dependency, limited mobility which left me confined to my bed for most of the day, and increasing depression as a result of my spiraling health decline. During my first consultation with Dr. Moleski, he told me that after a careful review of my medical records that he could help me. That simple statement gave me hope for the first time.  Dr. Moleski never promised to “cure” me or make unsubstantiated promises. He simply stated that if I followed his plan and procedures I would get relief from the nagging pain that was part of my daily existence.

I realized that I could be helped during my initial consultation with Dr. Moleski. For the first time in many months I felt encouraged as Dr. Moleski explained how he would work with me to correct the cause of my pain, rather than mask the problem with drugs or use invasive medical procedures. According to Dr. Moleski, I would be an active participant in my health and recovery. This appealed to me and was much more in line with my way of thinking. Doing something as opposed to doing nothing made more sense to me. Dr. Moleski’s positive attitude was contagious and I began to feel more encouraged about my condition and recovery.

Thankfully, as my physical health improved so did my mental outlook.  I am no longer depressed and nor do I feel hopeless. The unbearable facial pain has left and taken with it my need to self- medicate. The persistent facial numbness that I lived with for 15 years is negligible now and at times even non-existent. The pain associated with walking has greatly subsided. The relief first began in my right leg and then continued to my left.  Though not completely painless, I feel improvement and I have started a regimen of walking 2- 5 miles a day! The recovery has been gradual but steady.

 In addition to the pain relief, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are down and I am continuing to lose weight as I exercise and follow Dr. Moleski’s dietary guidelines. All this has played a major part in my overall sense of well-being. I feel good, I feel positive and I am no longer depressed! 

I would tell anyone who is making a health care decision to weigh your options carefully. Each medical condition and its ensuing results are different. If anyone chooses the treatment program prescribed by Dr. Moleski, I strongly suggest that you follow his instructions precisely and partner with him to achieve your optimal health and well-being. Always remember that you, the patient, must be an active participant in your overall health and recovery.

I cannot adequately describe just how great it feels to be able to experience life with little or no pain. “Giddy” is the word that comes to mind!

Life is now filled with possibilities and I am in the process of updating my resume and seeking part-time professional work.  I once again feel as though I can contribute and am excited about the opportunity to do so.

In closing, I must tell you: job well done, Dr. Moleski!"

Shanna W.

"I had been "yo-yo" dieting for some time.  I would lose weight, then, gain it back (and then some).  Fed up with the continuous cycle I was in, I attended Dr. Moleski’s weight loss workshop I read about in the newspaper. 

Fatigue, lack of energy and focus, and depression already controlled my life.  I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by attending. The information Dr. Moleski presented in the workshop was so informative.  I felt as though he was speaking about me and my condition. I knew I needed to schedule an individual consult to discuss my concerns in-depth. 

From the initial visit, I knew this was where I was meant to be.  Dr. Moleski sent me to the lab to have an extensive blood panel performed.  Once the results were in, he analyzed each to determine what dysfunction was occurring in my body.  He recommended a diet change and supplements to help my body correct the dysfunction. 

Being a busy career woman, I thought the diet changes would be extremely hard.  However, to my surprise, I have been able to manage the changes. 

Before seeing Dr. Moleski, I would eat very unhealthy.  I was on several prescription medications. Now that I have completed the program, I am off all prescription medications!  I have learned to eat healthier and enjoy it! In three months, I have lost 19.5 pounds! My lack of focus and energy is resolving!   I am so glad I responded to the ad in the newspaper. 

This program has changed my life for the better!"

June H.

"My main complaint that brought me into Dr. Moleski’s office was peripheral neuropathy in my feet.  I had severe, sharp, burning pain in both legs from the knees down to the feet. These began six months earlier, and nothing I tried medically helped it.  This constant pain even kept me awake at night. I was finding no answers, but I was determined to beat this problem!

Dr. Moleski’s approach was very different right from the start. He was very thorough in running state-of-the-art tests to determine the exact cause of my neuropathy.  It felt so good find a doctor that would look deeper to find a way to help me.

The test results came back and we began care with high tech medical equipment such as cold lasers and micro current therapy applied right to my feet.  We also worked with diet and supplements to support my body function.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel now!  Not only did the peripheral neuropathy get better, but I had other things get better as well.  I had head pain and congestion for years after barotraumas from a plane flight. I had 50% hearing loss form that.  These all got better as well! I am so pleased with my care and results from this office.

My life is so much better now!  I want to thank Dr. Moleski for all his hard work in learning about this alternative approach to health care.  If you are trying to decide on doing this type of care, I would encourage you to do so. 

I got great results!"

Donna O.

"My mother referred me to Dr. Moleski. So I attended his peripheral neuropathy workshop and what he had to say just rang true in my head. I knew right then that he knew how to help me. I have peripheral neuropathy, severe back pain, and weight issues just to name a few things. The list goes on! I knew that I would be a challenge to Dr. Moleski, because I have a very sensitive system making me overreact to most anything. I have suffered for years.

I received a thorough consultation, neurological examination, metabolic evaluation, and lab studies. The doctor took his time to look my case over very closely. I really appreciated that.

He had to make tough recommendations with me, but I hung in there with their help. Dr. Moleski and Edye are great! They are so helpful and supportive…a real boost just to go in for an appointment. I really look forward to my visits.

Since I began care, I have lost weight, have needed less sick time off from work, and my pains are lessening day by day. It is so nice to actually be able to go shopping and really enjoy it! The simple things in life that most people take for granted, are truly appreciated when they are stolen from you by pain and sickness.

I am getting my life back!

If you are unsure about beginning care here, don’t give it a second thought. Your quality of life will be better under Dr. Moleski’s care.

I wholeheartedly recommend the care here."

Jim M.

"My story begins like many others.  I was overweight and fatigued. Realizing that I was having difficulty performing physical activities, I knew it was time to make a change in my life.  With my beautiful wife beside me, I attended one of Dr. Moleski’s informative workshops. The information he discussed made so much sense to me! I needed to get healthy so that I could enjoy life.  I wanted to go fishing again! 


We first began with a thorough lab analysis.  Dr. Moleski ordered a number of lab tests on my blood to determine exactly what was going on with my body systems.  He also performed a comprehensive physical and neurological exam. With results in hand, Dr. Moleski recommended dietary changes, supplements, and therapies to help to balance my system. 

Within the first week of treatment, I lost 4 lbs.!  I began to have more energy. I also noticed the scars from a previous war injury were beginning to look lighter in color.  The pain I was feeling in my legs began to decrease. Within the first month of care, my sleep apnea had resolved!


Today, I am feeling better than I have in years!  I have lost over 30 lbs. The pain in my legs has resolved.  My blood pressure has dropped 20 points! I never knew I could feel this good.

I am looking forward to many days fishing on Lake Talquin with my bride!"

Laura A.

"I began here with Dr. Moleski because I felt absolutely horrible. I had been to many doctors in the past. Being a nurse, I had tried everything to get better. No one could find anything wrong with me, although I felt awful. I had extreme fatigue and stomach problems that definitely kept me from living a normal life. Every day was a chore just to get by.


Dr. Moleski really went into depth with neurological and metabolic tests to find the true cause of my problems. I knew that I would be a difficult case because no one else had been able to help me.


From the beginning, Dr. Moleski told me that it would take time to get better. It can take months for the body to heal itself. I was pleased that I started seeing changes in just about three weeks.


Well, he was right! I feel so much better now! I can now look forward to tomorrow. I have my energy back and my stomach problems are just about gone. It feels so good to be able to enjoy life again.


I really feel like Dr. Moleski saved my life. He is a doctor that really cares about you and will all he can to help you back to health."

Jeralyn L.

"I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a medical doctor before seeing Dr. Moleski.  My life was unmanageable! 

I could not make plans because I was unable to determine if I would sleep the night before, and I could not function very well without sleep...I was constantly tired! 

My legs ached at rest.  My left shoulder and low back pain was also very severe.  I experienced periods of depression and found concentration very difficult.  I was certain that I had IBS. I was willing to go to any length for relief! 

I tried using a heating pad and hot baths, which only temporarily relieved the pain.  I also took Ibuprofen and Excedrin Back and Body. I could only sleep approximately 4 hours.  If I was not too tired, I would walk the dog. The whole walk, I was in constant pain. 

Once I met Dr. Moleski and heard about the treatment plan, I was very skeptical.  However, I wanted to follow the plan. I wanted to be pain free! After several treatments, I am pain free!  I am now able to exercise with no pain at all! I highly recommend Dr. Moleski and his staff!"

Linda L.

"I had severe low back and knee pain for approximately 3 years.  While visiting my daughter over the summer, I read in the newspaper about a new treatment for knee pain.  I had not heard of Cold Laser Therapy before. 

I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Moleski to see if he could help me with my debilitating pain.  I could barely walk or bend my knee. I had difficulty crossing my legs, and I was unable to exercise due to the intense pain.  It was painful to participate in activities with my grandchildren. I was very sad that I could not do the things I enjoyed!

I explained to Dr. Moleski that my pain level was around 8/10.  He examined my knee and felt that he could definitely help me. After the second visit, I had more range of motion in my knee than I had in years! 

To my surprise, after only four treatments, my knee was pain free!   I asked the doctor to also work on my low back pain. And, once again, after only a few treatments, my low back was improving.  I noticed I was able to perform different activities that previously would have caused me pain! ​

I am now able to ride a bike with my grandson!  I can even exercise, including squats. My quality of life has skyrocketed!

I am shocked at my results!  I can’t believe how good I feel! 

If you are suffering with pain, please give Cold Laser Therapy a try.  I have referred my whole family to Dr. Moleski!"

Yolanda A.

"Before treatment, I was very tired.  I had pain all over my body, especially in my back.  I spent 3 weeks out of work because I could not function – I felt like a “car run out of gas,” and basically, I spent days resting in bed.  Even when I was in bed, I laid there for hours without sleep and felt like I got no rest at all. 

For years, I used a massage therapist who offered CranioSacral therapy, and that helped me until this year, when it didn’t work as well as usual.  I also tried homeopathic remedies. When I took medications like Cymbalta and Lyrica to control the pain, they didn’t help and just gave me a lot of side effects, like feeling like fainting.

Since beginning treatment at the office, I really feel so hopeful!  At the end of 2 weeks of care, I was pain free and I could sleep. To wake up in the morning and feel no pain was amazing!  It was so incredible…I could not believe my brain and my rationality kept wondering if the way that I felt was real.

My life has improved dramatically.  Every day, I have an increasing motivation to clean my house, move furniture, change everything around.  Even though I would always try to hide my pain at work and just live with it, everybody notices the change in my eyes and in my energy. 

If someone with fibromyalgia asked me about this treatment, I would tell them to try it.  It really works for me! I have about 2 weeks left in my treatment plan, and I feel much better.  I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays, and am actually excited about the decorating and cooking!

Additionally, I would just like to thank Dr. Moleski, Edye, and Shelley for all the support and kindness during my treatment.  I also thank my bosses at work who understood my situation and allowed me to organize my schedule so that I could receive therapy three times a week.  And I am thankful to God that He created us and gave us a brain that could figure out the causes of this disease, and for giving us a therapy to help us."

Chris T.

"Before I came to Dr. Moleski’s office, I was frustrated with my weight and struggling with fatigue. I would get winded easily even though I was constantly going to the gym and exercising. I’m only 30 years old so I shouldn’t get winded going up stairs.


What I didn’t realize was that I was eating a lot of “junk food” that I thought was healthy and it truly wasn’t. I struggled with staying focused because of my diet and didn’t even know it. I felt sluggish and brain-fogged all the time. I was always tired and just felt like I wanted to sleep all the time. I also hurt a lot.


The biggest difference about this office was the care I received from Dr. Moleski. He took initiative in caring for my situation and my health. I saw doctors previously who didn’t take care when my blood levels were drastically off. I realized my problems could be helped when I first talked to Dr. Moleski and he told me what my body was doing, and that it could be easily fixed.


Since starting treatment at Dr. Molesk’s office, I have lost 30(+) pounds, I don’t hurt anymore, and I don’t feel sluggish—I got my energy back! I just feel great and my eating habits are so much better.


I would like to say to Dr. Moleski and his staff that I love you guys. You have opened my eyes about the garbage that is out there. I truly love that you have helped me. To anyone trying to decide on care here I would say to them, Do it! It’s the best thing you could ever do for your health. I recommend it to everyone.


I feel great about the brightness of my future. As long as I maintain this healthy lifestyle, I feel I can achieve all my goals because my brain is functioning much better. I love it!"

Betty H.

"I was very miserable due to pain from shingles.  I had no energy to do the things I needed to do.  I was unable to sleep and be active due to the constant, severe pain.  At times, I felt very sad that I did not feel the way I used to feel.  A friend referred me to Dr. Moleski because the Cold Laser Treatments had helped her with her shingles outbreak. 


From the first visit, I knew that Dr. Moleski really wanted to help me.  He explained how neurological and metabolic care could help with my shingles, fatigue, insomnia, and pain I was experiencing.  After Dr. Moleski told me about his approach, I knew it was the answer for me! 


I understood that it would take time for me to begin to feel better, so you can imagine my surprise when, after one week of treatments, I started to have more energy.  My shingles pain was decreasing.  I was able to get up in the morning and perform my daily tasks without struggling!


I am now on a maintenance program with Dr. Moleski.  And, I am proud to report that I am a changed person!  Since beginning treatment with Dr. Moleski, I have lost weight, my shingles are much better, I have more energy, and I am getting back to my “old” self.  My husband and I recently purchased a motorhome for traveling.  Before care here, I would not have had the energy to go anywhere!  Look at me now!  We just returned from Tennessee!  I was able to walk around and ride for hours with no trouble!


My future is so much brighter now that I have been treated by Dr. Moleski.  I hope for many more “good” years!  I am thankful for Dr. Moleski’s caring attitude and kindness.  I would advise anyone to give Dr. Moleski’s approach to care a try. 

Your life can be made better too!"

Louise K.

"When I first came to Dr. Moleski’s office in March of this year, I had been in severe pain for approximately 3 months.  I had no idea what was causing my pain.  I thought it could have been related to carpal tunnel syndrome, too much lifting, or the use of statin drugs.  All I knew was that I was hurting, weak, and exhausted.  All I wanted was to be able to take care of my home and play with my grandchildren.  I really hated getting up in the morning!  I would get so exhausted trying to do normal tasks.  I also became very emotional, crying quite a bit during the day. 


Dr. Moleski began with an extensive neurological exam.  He also reviewed lab results to find the cause of my severe pain and symptoms. He was determined to help me feel better!


Once I began my brain based and metabolic care, I began to see results after only 2 weeks!  My pain had improved over 90% by my fifth visit.  I was finally beginning to feel positive again!  My pain was disappearing and I had more energy than I have had in years!  My mind, body, spirit, and brain felt so much better! 


I am now able to do anything I want to do.  I am even traveling to a wedding in the northeast next week.  I am looking forward to being able to spend time with my family, especially the grandchildren, without the pain I was once experiencing.


I am so thankful that I have met Dr. Moleski and that I am his patient!  I know he will do all he can to help his patients feel better!"

Nell M.

"I came to Dr. Moleski’s office with moderate to severe pain in my right knee.  I had this for 8 years, and it affected my ability to walk securely.  Sleeping through the night was difficult due to leg cramps.  I have a very large yard with tons of beautiful flowers.  I loved being out in my flower beds.  But, due to the pain and instability, I had more difficulty working outside.  I saw my medical doctor.  I was given shots in my knee.

After a thorough examination, I began care with therapy to the knee and nerves in my feet.  Cold laser therapy, micro-current therapy, and vibration therapy were applied to my knee and feet.  After two visits, I had more flexibility in my knee! 

What once was impossible, I can now do today!  I am able to bend my knee more than I have in years!!  The leg cramps that once woke me up at night have resolved!  And best of all, I am able to work my flower beds with more ease!

If you are unsure about this type of alternative care, I encourage you to give it a try.  I believe you will be happy with the results.  I know I am!"

Jerry R.

"I came to the office with extreme burning pain in both legs and feet. I had sharp low back pain as well. This had been going on for about four years. The pain was so bad at night that my wife had to rub my feet constantly to get any relief. I had been to several different doctors, and they said there was nothing that could be done for peripheral neuropathy…try medications for relief.

Learn to live with it.


I heard about Dr. Moleski’s neuro-metabolic approach to peripheral neuropathy, so I decided to check it out.

I was so miserable, I would have done anything to get some relief! Dr. Moleski gave me a thorough neurological examination, and ordered testing. With the results back, we began the peripheral neuropathy treatments, dietary changes, and supplements.


A very impressive part of the care was the non-surgical decompression unit. This is a big machine that works on the low back and the nerves that go down the legs. Well, it made a world of difference! The pain in my feet began to get better after just the first week of care, and I sleep through the night now!


I would definitely recommend Dr. Moleski to anyone suffering as I was from peripheral neuropathy."

Liz M.