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Neuro-Metabolic Care

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Adrenal Fatigue

Blood Sugar Issues

Back Pain

Brain Fog

Chronic Fatigue




GERD/Acid Reflux




Peripheral Neuropathy, Numbness, Tingling

Thyroid Issues

Weight Loss Resistance, and more

Do you suffer from any of the following?

NeuroMetabolic Care for Chronic Conditions



This care incorporates two foundations for human health in a refreshing harmony to reach optimal healing.



Research and a deep understanding of the human body's function work together behind the scenes in this therapy.



Doctors throughout the US (and internationally) have seen amazing results using this synergistic approach to chronic conditions.



NeuroMetabolic Therapy stimulates healing in the body from the inside-out, but without any drugs, shots, or surgery.

“Neuro” relates to the brain and nervous system. Functional neurology involves testing the cerebellum and cortex for imbalances.


“Metabolic” testing involves lab tests and questionnaires to determine nutritional status, immune function, and hormonal function (adrenal and thyroid).


Without addressing both neurological and metabolic aspects, it is difficult for any doctor to help someone with chronic problems.


The human brain is a complex organ, capable of

incredible feats and fueling subconscious fears and desires. Until recently, many in the medical profession ignored the role our brains play in our overall physical health. Instead, doctors treated the symptoms (pain, insomnia, intestinal distress, ADD, fatigue) while ignoring the role our brains play in causing these symptoms, particularly for chronic conditions.


A new generation of physicians, however, takes a new approach to treating chronic conditions - working with patients to heal through the brain. These treatments, often referred to as Brain-Based Therapy or  NeuroMetabolic Therapy give new hope for patients with chronic conditions.


The Basics


Brain-Based Therapy recognizes that the brain controls all the functions of our bodies. When the brain functions normally, we have healthy bodies. External influences like allergies and stress, or internal influences like emotions or energy imbalances, can interfere with the brain’s ability to function properly. When our brains run inefficiently, it can lead to chronic conditions.


The medical profession has identified possible physiological causes of these chronic conditions. They include chemical imbalances in the brain and the underdevelopment of the areas of the brain that control attention. But these “reasons” don’t get to the "why" a chemical imbalance might occur.


Brain-Based Therapy, on the other hand, seeks to get to the root cause…the “why?” of the chronic condition.


How it Works


Brain-Based Therapy and similar methods of treatment use a variety of approaches to figure out why a chronic condition is occurring. The therapy most often starts out with a comprehensive brain and nervous system exam.


Physicians, such as Dr. Moleski, who choose to use more natural approaches to treating chronic conditions will also explore possible allergic causes or nutrient deficiencies through extensive testing. Foods like gluten, yeast, soy and casein can cause a person’s immune system to attack the body (autoimmune) and cause a host of symptoms including pain, neurological problems, and intestinal distress. These allergies and food sensitivities then often cause nutritional deficiencies that can be treated with specific nutritional supplements and dietary changes.


These natural therapies also work with patients’ bodies. People with chronic conditions respond particularly well to treatments involving specific rhythmic exercises (Interactive Metronome).


If Dr. Moleski accepts your case, he will consult with you and perform a thorough exam to determine the best treatment plan to help you conquer your chronic condition.

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