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There is always hope

Have you ever thought that your life is just terrible? That the things you're battling are simply too much? I just heard about this amazing woman who has conquered incredible challenges, and made something beautiful out of what life gave her.

This introduction from her website says it well, and the video below is truly inspiring. I hope this brightens your day and encourages you to keep fighting. There is always hope.


"Victoria Arlen’s life drastically changed in 2006 at the tender age of eleven when she developed two rare conditions known as Transverse Myelitis and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. This was an incredibly rare scenario and Victoria quickly lost the ability to speak, eat, walk and move. She slipped into a vegetative state in which doctors had written her off as a lost cause. Victoria spent nearly four years “locked” inside her own body completely aware of what was going on just unable to move or communicate. Doctors believed there was little hope of survival and recovery was unlikely. Victoria, however was not ready to give up.

In 2010, after almost four years, she began the nearly impossible fight back to life. Learning how to speak, eat and move all over again. Although she faced the devastating reality of paralysis from the waist down due to damage to her spine. She went on to exceedingly defy the odds and not only recovered but has since become an accomplished Motivational Speaker, Actress, Model, and Swimmer.

Victoria’s swimming resume includes three Silvers and a Gold medal from the London 2012 Paralympic Games as well as multiple World, American and Pan American Records. Victoria recently joined ESPN as the youngest on air talent hired by the company and made her television debut this past Summer reporting at the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles. Victoria also reports for Sportscenter, espnW and X-Games.

At just twenty-one years old Victoria has become world famous not only for her story and accomplishments but for her message:

'Face It, Embrace It, Defy It, Conquer It' "

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